Monday, April 11, 2016

It's nice to have friends

Yesterday I was invited to play another game for which I had neither models nor rules. Well, to be fair, I do have the rules for the Hail Caesar game I played a couple of weeks ago, but can't honestly claim to have read them all. Anyway, Robert and I played the Great War version of Flames of War. I've played a few dozen games of WWII FoW, but haven't done any of the other "versions". Rob had Tommies and Huns from the starter set with a few extras thrown in. Oh, and really great terrain as usual. I wound up defending with the British in the Big Push scenario after the results of random choices and dice throws. This version of Flames was really familiar as most of the rules carry over from the "main" game, but this version really had a different feel, and I think captured WWI quite well. At least in this scenario we played. Here are a few pics with the usual barely-based-in-reality commentary.

Here we have the start of the offensive. A sole platoon defends the line supported by a couple of 18 pdrs and Vickers in pits.

View from the right side of the position. The Huns have hit the wire.

An A7V approaches the trench line and is knocked out. The wire has done its job slowing the German infantry.

Germans clear the wire and the advance continues towards the Thin Red Line.

Reserves arrive as is their wont, just in the nick of time. Huns make it into the trenches, but are ejected by a Tommy assault.

I thought the game was a lot of fun and I would certainly play it again. I'm not currently looking for any new games as I'm stretched pretty thin right now as far as getting things together for stuff I'm already playing. But, if I were to come across some stuff for this on the cheap, I would probably dive in. Did I mention I recently picked up Taiko!, a ruleset for medieval Japanese? Oh, and the Kings of War campaign book. FoW Pacific releases today. Maybe I should think about another system or two . . .