Wednesday, January 6, 2016


The second half of last year saw my hobby time severely reduced.  Between work, returning to school, and my 4 year old boy, free time was a very rare commodity.  Gaming was sporadic - I had probably less than 10 games from September on.  Modeling time was similarly diminished.  The worst of that is behind me - I think - as my schedule will be opening up due to several factors.  

I've got two things I want to focus on for the first half of the year.  First, I got in a few games of Kings of War with some of my previously-known-as-regular gaming partners as well as with some new folks.  I like the game and intend to continue playing.  I've got two playable armies - Orcs and Undead - and want to fill these out a bit.  The Orcs will take priority, and maybe I'll get around to the Undead later in the year.  Second, the Napoleonic Black Powder action that was originally planned (but never got off the ground) a couple years ago is back on the table.  The first (I say first with a hopeful optimism) game is tentatively scheduled for a May-ish time.  I've got a good start on my Duchy of Warsaw army, but definitely want to add the Vistula Legion as an additional unit and, ideally, a second unit of cavalry.  Probably hussars.  Although I really love the Front Rank minis I've used so far, I'm going with Murawski for at least the Vistula troops.

My main back burner project right now is a Scots Covenanter army for Pike and Shotte.  I picked up a few boxes at Historicon way back in July and got another box for Christmas.  All of these are Warlord models and are pretty nice, although the variety is a bit limited which always bugs me.  Anyway, I've painted up four musketeers in the last couple of days just because.  Also lingering somewhere in the back of my brain is the 15mm Soviets I started last year.  I did play a couple of small games using them, but that was it.  I've got a large collection, but it's mostly unfinished.  One day a bit here and there maybe.

So, this year should be better for me as far as gaming goes.  Hopefully I'll be able to get back into a regular routine.  But, overall, I had a great year last year in other aspects of life so I'm not complaining.