Sunday, August 16, 2015

Checking In

I had a good weekend of gaming.  On Friday I met up with Dr. John and we played a game of Saga.  Sadly, the poor hapless John Quade the Anglo-Dane was once again defeated by marauding Vikings.  We played the Sacred Ground scenario.  It was pretty close up through about the mid-point, but once the Anglo-Danes started to suffer losses, things just continued to deteriorate.  I have about decided to switch over to Anglo Saxons because I really can't seem to get a handle on the Anglo Dane style of play.  I might give them one more chance.

After that, I introduced John to DBA using the newish 3.0 rules.  He played my Spartans and I used my Achaemenid Persians.  I think I got him hooked on it since it plays fast and is so easy to get started with only a maximum of 48 figures (plus a camp and terrain) required for  an army.  He's now looking at putting together a Republican Roman army, so I'll probably do ancient British, Gallic Celts, or Germans.  Or all three.

Today I met Robert for a much needed Flames of War reunion.  He's running a Kursk campaign starting in in October with four other local players.  It's starting at 700 points and working up to I believe 1800 over the course of the campaign.  I'd never played Soviets, so I wanted to get a feel for them - as well as a FoW refresher in general - before the campaign kicks off.  I was pleased with how the Russians played - especially the 45mm obr. 1942 AT guns.

It was a great gaming weekend.  I'll be spoiled now for a while.