Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Paint update

Just finished this guy today.  It's an old GW warboss mounted on a newer boar.  I'm going to use him as a Krudger or hero in Kings of War.  Pretty satisfied with the way he turned out.  I've got a few more orcs and goblins to do, but I'm switching gears for a while to get some 15mm Soviets done.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Checking In

I had a good weekend of gaming.  On Friday I met up with Dr. John and we played a game of Saga.  Sadly, the poor hapless John Quade the Anglo-Dane was once again defeated by marauding Vikings.  We played the Sacred Ground scenario.  It was pretty close up through about the mid-point, but once the Anglo-Danes started to suffer losses, things just continued to deteriorate.  I have about decided to switch over to Anglo Saxons because I really can't seem to get a handle on the Anglo Dane style of play.  I might give them one more chance.

After that, I introduced John to DBA using the newish 3.0 rules.  He played my Spartans and I used my Achaemenid Persians.  I think I got him hooked on it since it plays fast and is so easy to get started with only a maximum of 48 figures (plus a camp and terrain) required for  an army.  He's now looking at putting together a Republican Roman army, so I'll probably do ancient British, Gallic Celts, or Germans.  Or all three.

Today I met Robert for a much needed Flames of War reunion.  He's running a Kursk campaign starting in in October with four other local players.  It's starting at 700 points and working up to I believe 1800 over the course of the campaign.  I'd never played Soviets, so I wanted to get a feel for them - as well as a FoW refresher in general - before the campaign kicks off.  I was pleased with how the Russians played - especially the 45mm obr. 1942 AT guns.

It was a great gaming weekend.  I'll be spoiled now for a while.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Return to Mantica

Yesterday I was finally able to get out to a store again and got in two games of Kings of War.  I met Michael for the first time and had fun playing against his goblins.  I had two smallish armies with me - Orcs and Undead.  We wound up playing 715 points.  In the first game I used the  orcs which consisted of regiments of axe, greataxe, and trolls, a troop of gore riders and a giant.  The goblins fielded two regiments of archers, a horde and a regiment of spears, a mincer, a regiment of  rabble, and a couple of heroes.  The game was pretty close and hinged, I believe, when late in the game the regiment of trolls fled in the face of the goblin horde.  I had a rear charge into the horde with the gore riders set up, but it was rendered moot when the trolls failed.  The goblins won this one.  I only managed to take one picture the entire evening before my camera battery died.

I used the undead in the second game.  This army was regiments of warriors, spears, revenants, mummies, two troops of archers, and a necromancer.  This game was close as well - although I had a bad feeling after one troop of archers died in turn 1 and the spearmen died in turn 2.  This game also focused on the goblin horde.  I was able to slowly but constantly whittle it down with arrows.  The mummies were finally able to eliminate the horde with some help from the very resilient revenants. Undead claimed victory in this one.

I had a great time with the games and really like this system.  It's fast and easy with little rules reference required.  We discussed some things we would like to see changed.  For me, I'd like a bit more in the magic department even though this has been expanded from the original version.  Michael had some interesting ideas for additional unit types.  Anyway, I will certainly be getting the hardcover rules later this month upon release and intend to get in a lot more games.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Historicon 2015

I got home from Historicon a few hours ago.  It was a great time and I had a blast, but I'm glad to be back.  I behaved pretty well financially - I really had to because it cost so much to go at all.  But, I was able to get the main thing I was after along with a few other odds and ends.  There were some things I wanted that I didn't find, but that's ok, too.  I was introduced to a 15mm historical system set in 17th century eastern Europe.  By Fire and Sword has been out for a couple years in the US and a bit longer in Europe.  It's by a company called Wargamer based in Poland.  The developer and his crew made the trip over to promote the game, run demos, and a tournament.  I'd seen ads for the game but didn't really know anything about it.  It falls in the moderate to complex side of the playability scale.  The system takes into account such things as weapons vs. type of armor, cavalry charge impetus, different ranges for different firearms, breaking of lances during combat, etc.  It's a d10 system and the rule book looks to have taken some inspiration from Flames of War.  I played a demo game and watched a lot of the 3 round tournament.  I really like the game and they have a great, expanding line of miniatures.  The crew from Poland were super nice folks.  I was seriously tempted to get involved with it, but successfully held off by convincing myself the last thing I needed was to get into another system - especially one that is mostly unknown in my area.  I would highly recommend it for someone interested in that type of thing.  Maybe at some point . . .

Two other new-to-me demos I played were Frostgrave from Osprey and Battlegroup by Ironfist Publishing.  The author was running Frostgrave.  It was neat, but I didn't really get excited about it.  The same goes for Battlegroup.  I liked it, but it didn't really seem to give me anything I can't get from Flames of War.  Based on just the demo, it does seem to be a bit simpler to pick up than Fow, but it has a random chit system to determine morale failure - and the end of the game - that I didn't really care for.  Also, it is easy to pin units, especially infantry, but the only way to unpin them is to draw one of the chits against your morale.  Units can't do anything when they're pinned.

I also got in numerous games of DBA 3.0 and Commands and Colors Ancients, both favorites of mine.

So now for the somewhat meager acquisitions and a few random photos.  I didn't really take a lot of pics - I was so busy running around doing stuff I didn't really think about it.

By Fire and Sword

Commands and Colors

 I picked up the start of my 17th century Scots Covenanter army for Pike and Shotte.  I got these three boxes for $80.  Not super cheap, but well below retail.

Two Gripping Beast pack ponies to use as a base in the Saga escort scenario.

Historicon Freebie
 Another baggage base for escort scenario.  Still need one more.

All in all it was a really good time.  Saw some good friends, played a lot of good games.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Achaemenid Persians

I finished up a few 15mm Persians just in time to head out for Historicon tomorrow.  This army is intended for DBA and similarly based systems.  I don't have any options at this point, I had just enough time to get the basic 12 elements done.  Anyway, I'm looking forward to a few games using the new 3.0 rules.  The amount of stuff going on at Historicon this year looks to be amazing.  I'm pumped.  The pics kinda suck, but I'm in a hurry to pack and get ready to go.  Anyway, here they are - hope you like them.



Armenians - Auxilia

Immortals - Heavy Infantry

Mercenary Hoplites - Heavy Infantry



Monday, June 29, 2015

A few new guns

Below are a few pics of six Soviet 45mm AT guns I recently finished.  There are a couple of pioneer supply trucks as well.  I'm taking a little change-of-pace break from the Templars and decided to get a small start on the huge 15mm WWII Russian army I acquired last year.  Enjoy.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Something a bit different

Back in the 80's I was pretty heavy into AD&D, 1st edition in those days.  I've played a few times over the years since then, but never kept up with the additional rules.  Last year I played a few sessions of a 1ed campaign that a local guy was running.  I had a good time and met some good people.  It brought back a lot of fun memories, but I wasn't really into the DM's stlye.  A few months ago one of the guys I clicked with at these sessions started running games using the new 5th edition. He told me it was a good set of rules and that I should check it out.  I looked at the Player's Handbook in a local store, but put it back pretty quickly after seeing the $50 price tag.  I'd much rather spend that money on miniatures these days.  One bored night last week while perusing eBay, I saw a guy selling the Player's Handbook and Starter Set.  Retail for these two is $70.  He wanted $26 plus $3.50 for shipping, so I bought them.  Got it in and have started going through it.  I really like what I've seen so far, but was amazed that this PH is about 3 times the size of the 1ed. It's more like the old DM's guide in number of pages.   Anyway, maybe I can find the time to get this going on a semi-regular basis before too long.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Painting Bench

Well, my gaming time has been a bit screwed up for the past few weeks, so I've not been able to get anything together.  A month or so ago I got a box of Warlord Screaming Eagles in a trade so I decided to paint them up to supplement my 28mm US Army.  They're pretty nice figures.  I finished them a few days ago and am pretty chuffed with how they turned out.  Here's a few pics.

 Shortly after I got the airborne box, I picked up the new Saga Crescent & Cross rulebook along with the Gripping Beast 4 point Milites Christi warband.  The hearthguard are all mounted and there are two units of warriors - one with crossbows.  The mounted figures are decent, but I have to admit I think a better job could've been done with the tabards.  Anyway, I finished up my test model.

Monday, May 4, 2015

A few more chapters in the John Quade Saga

The Challenge

John Quade the Anglo-Dane and his band of stalwart . . . Anglo-Danes  prepare to face off against the nasty Viking invaders.  John Quade stands alone in front of his mead hall while awaiting the arrival of his companions.
Something looks odd across the field
 Suddenly John Quade is rushed by the enemy warlord who is accomplanied by 4 berserker slayers.  Their 21 dice with re-rolled misses are enough to lay poor John Quade low.  This seems familiar for some reason.  So ends this chapter.
A little help, please?
                                           Clash of Warlords

In the next chapter, the opposing warbands square off in a quiet hamlet.  The runes were cast and a severe bloodletting was foretold.
 The two armies advanced boldly towards each other.  John Quade Redux had decided to try and overwhelm Vikings on one side of the hall while stalling on the other until the two halves could rejoin.
 Loyal huscarls and tough ceorls advance on the Viking levies, taking casualities from the cowardly slingers along the way.  The levies are beaten back without too much difficulty.
 Behind the hall, quivering with berserk slayer rage, a motley group of Vikings wait in ambush.
 Only one of the orange-haired mushroom biters remains in the end, but they had done their bloody work.  John Quade Redux had formed a good plan.  But it worked too well.  Not only had John Quade taken out the better part of the Vikings on this side of the hall; he had also killed off all of his own men in the vicinity.

 On the other side, warriors and hearthguard clash and reclash, axes cleave and swords sing.  Eventually a lone dane axe wielding survivor faces the Viking warlord.  Who will live to sing the song of this day?
 Well, actually, a bunch of other Vikings decide to pile in, too.
 So now John manages to link up with his 4 remaining warriors.  One of them points to the unbelievable treachery of the Vikings.

 But pointing is all that is left as there aren't enough turns left in the game for the two sides to get close enough to settle the affair with steel.
John Quade had a rough day of it.  Two chapters, two losses.  If you listen to certain folk late at night, there are sometimes whispers of a third chapter being written this day in which John was victorious.  But, any documents that existed were lost.  Did a third ferocious skirmish occur on this day or was it merely myth or legend that has become entwined with this continuing Saga?