Thursday, October 30, 2014


Finally!  After over a month since I last set foot in a game store, and over 3 months since my last game of FoW, I was able to get in a very friendly partial game tonight.  My mechanized Brits took on a German infantry company with armor support in Free For All.  The table was very open with no cover in the middle.  The German infantry company consisted of artillery, an 88, PaK 40s, StuGs, and Pz IVs.  Oh, yeah, and two infantry platoons.  Time ran out after we had completed three turns. British artillery managed to take out the 88, pin one of the infantry platoons and the opposing artillery.  Germans also lost half their artillery, a StuG, a Pz IV, and random infantry units.  The cost was high with 4 of the 8 British tanks knocked out with 2 more bailed.  Good times were had.  I was pretty rusty with the system after such a long break.  It looks like any gaming I'll get to do in the foreseeable future will be weekday evenings.  Hope you enjoy the pics.

Infantry following armoured thrust

Sextons destroy an 88 on the hill

Bracing for assault

Right flank

Armour engages

I've got a couple of other things in the works that I'll put up eventually.  Like always, I'm doing 3 projects at once, so none of them get done very quickly!