Sunday, May 18, 2014

Here's a few pics of my FoW game today.  My British Armoured Guards were up against Robert's FJ.  The scenario was Surrounded.  I was attacking.  The fuel and ammo dumps were located together in the southwest corner of the FJ pocket.  They were heavily defended by a platoon of 4 PaK 40s and 3 platoons of infantry armed with panzerfausts and shreks.  There was a fourth platoon of recoil-less rifles and finally, mortars to provide indirect support.  The British armor approached the objectives from the east and west simultaneously.  All too soon the armor was in range of the German anti-tank guns.  The guns did their work and destroyed four tanks.  The recoil-less rifles claimed two more, including the company command.

 The surviving tanks were able to draw the FJ out of their defensive postions in hopes of an easy kill on one of the shattered tank platoons.
 This provided a slim opportunity for the British TD platoon to try and clear the objectives of the remaining defenders.  With fire support from the remaining Cromwells, the two Achilles were able to claim the objective for a win by the narrowest of margins.
It was a great game.  At the beginning it looked like the fanatic Fallschirmjaeger would have no trouble holding off the armored advance.  A cruel twist of fate decided the game when a badly shot up platoon of FJ elected to flee rather than hold.