Sunday, September 14, 2014

Bolt Action Recap

Today was another game of Bolt Action.  This was the first 500 point game I've played in the current escalation league.  I ran three rifle squads, a sniper team, heavy machine gun, and medium mortar. We played the demolition scenario.  I had a day of horrendous dice rolling, managing to fail numerous order tests and score very few hits throughout the game.  Amazingly, I was able to hold on for a draw.

The good news is that I was the highest points scorer in the league for the month of August and won a prize.  Warlord Games has provided some items as prize support for folks who play in the league.  I got this

which will fit in perfectly with the Soviet army I'm planning for this system.  I've got all the figures I need (I think).  Just need to decide on guns, vehicles, etc.  I've painted up just a few figures just to get an idea of how to paint them.  I've also got a 15mm Soviet army to build and I'm not sure which I'll concentrate on first.