Sunday, August 31, 2014

Wrapping up August

With only a couple of minor exceptions, this month has been all about Bolt Action.  I'm participating in an escalation league sort of by default.  I didn't really intend on playing in it regularly, but because of various factors, I've got about a half dozen games in during the first month.  There have been seven or eight people playing off and on, with 4 being pretty consistent.  Six people showed up today and we decided to do a single game.  Each person was alotted 300 points.  Americans on one side, Germans/Italians on the other.  The scenario was Hold Until Relieved.  It seemed like the Americans had the game pretty much from turn 2, but the game finished as a draw in turn 7.  It was fun - but with 6 different colored order dice, it was really slow and lasted about 3.5 hours.  Just a few pics of this one.

September is set aside for the Flames of War Market Garden campaign.  I'm pretty much ready to go for this - as far as my miniatures go.  Skill may be a different story.  I plan on using the month of September to work exclusively on my Duchy of Warsaw 28mms.  The 1814 Black Powder game is supposed to go off in October, so I need to finish getting ready for that.  I've still got two stands of infantry to finish along with 5 stands of cavalry and two guns/crews.  So, it'll be quite a bit of work to get those done in a month.  I hope I have left myself enough time.