Sunday, July 27, 2014

Friendly, Fun Bolt Action

One of the local gamers I've played with a few times kicked off a Bolt Action escalation league today.  This month is 300 points and the league will work up to 1000 points in November.  Win/loss records are being tracked for points which will reset each month.  Points are also awarded for things such as painting and presenting multiple army lists.  I got in two 300 point games today.  I was lazy though and only took two pictures.  Check out the Bolt Action page if you want to see them.

But now for the big news:  I had decided a few weeks ago to start a mid war Soviet army for Flames of War.  I got in on a group order from Old Glory with some local guys and was able to get 40% off of everything.  I ordered guns and infantry.  I wasn't sure if I had ordered quite enough infantry, but the guns were covered and I was beginning to amass tanks from various sources.  Today I closed a deal for a Soviet army with a guy who was getting out of FoW.  Here's the list of what I got:

3x AA halftracks
12x T34/85
5x SU76
T34 objective marker
Komissar Dedov
5x SU85
30 stand sapper Co. w/2 trucks & command
an Udarny Strelkovy Bat.
2x Sturmovik
unopened sapper Co.
Mortar Co.
2x captured Pz Iv
5x PSC T34 with 76 and 85 turrets
Battlefoam case
Red Bear book
assorted templates, bits, and scenic bases

Everything is in various stages of painting from unopened to completely finished.  The stuff that is finished (probably about 15% or so) looks really good.  A lot of it (60%) or so is basecoated and won't take a whole lot to finish off.  All of this I got for . . . $180.  Not free, but dirt cheap.  Maybe I'll put some pics up tomorrow.