Sunday, June 29, 2014

Back to Bolt Action

No pics this week as my phone is dead and its replacement won't be here until Tuesday.  I suppose I could've taken a separate camera, but I've already got enough stuff to carry around.  So, this will be a text only BatRep.  Deal with it.

I played a game of Bolt Action today - the first since the Gathering tourney back in Feb.  My Americans consisted of four veteran 8-man infantry squads, command, a sniper team, AFFO, an M4 Sherman, and an M8 Greyhound which mysteriously looked a lot like a Chaffee.  Anyway, I was playing Al and his Japanese.  This is this first time I've played Al in any game, and he is a fine gentleman and a fun opponent.  His force consisted of 3 squads of infantry, an AT rifle ream, mortar team, light howitzer, command, a MMG, and a light tank.  He had ten dice so he must've had one more unit, but I can't remember what it was.

We played the demolition scenario.  He covered his objective with loads of infantry and a machine gun.  His Japanese being fanatic veterans, with banzai charge, inside buildings made me realize I would be playing for a draw before the first die was pulled.

Through some pretty fancy dice pulling, the Japanese had the initiative for most of the game.  Their right stayed put, firmly in place around their objective while their left advanced towards the objective in the American zone.  The Japanese reserves were hesitant - one squad of infantry never arrived.  After the advance on the Japanese left was slowed - mainly due to an outstanding Thunderbolt run - (you can never really stop Japanese while they're still on the board), their center advanced and were able to occupy a building close to the American objective.  The Americans all started towards the center of their zone, knowing it would take several assaults to finish off the fanatic Japanese.  The Chi-whatever-variant-it-was tank moved into action and was able to take out the Greyhound around this stage.

On turn five the Americans were still waiting for their second air strike, which again failed to materialize.  A lucky shot from the Sherman managed to kill most of the Japanese threatening the objective.  At this point it was obvious there was no way the Americans could destroy the Japanese objective, and time was too short for another Japanese unit to advance far enough to contest the American objective.  After a well-fought action, both sides agreed to a ceasefire.  Draw.

Thanks to Al for a really fun game and to everyone who showed up to play (we had 6!).