Sunday, July 2, 2017

Hold At All Costs

Today Robert and I played the Hold At All Costs scenario from 8th Edition Warhammer 40K. My Dark Angels had been reduced to a power level of 90 and had been hemmed in and surrounded, holding a ruined structure. Reinforcements were desperately needed, but no relief would be available until after 5 turns. Robert's Orks were rated at a power level of 117, nearly 30% stronger than the Astartes. The Orks wanted to finish off the space marines as quickly as possible and were mounted on Truks and Battlewagons with air support. It looked grim for the the Dark Angels from the beginning as the Orks had the the upper hand and were able to charge into contact before the Space Marines were able to get any shots off. A round of fire from the Deathwing and heavy weapons of the Devastators would have gone a long way in weakening the Ork attack. Below is an image of the defensive positions of the Dark Angels.

It wasn't possible to concentrate fire as the direction of the Ork attack was not known, so it was necessary to create lines of fire in all directions. The Orks, not normally known for their tactical acumen, surprisingly launched a ground attack from the West while bring air units in from the East.

A Dakkajet and DeffKoptas attacked Brother Lacus and a Deathwing squad as the mounted units crashed into the defending Marines.

Taking casualties all the while, the Dark Angels were able to reposition and eventually destroyed two  Truks and Battlewagon, Orks spilling onto the battlefield from the wrecks.

 Boltguns, lasguns, and fists chewed through the Ork ranks, but their numbers were massive.

Meanwhile, a huge mob of Boyz and Nobz attacked the second squad of Deathwing. Although the Warboss was killed, even the mighty terminator armour was unable to withstand the prolonged assault. Deathwing Sgt. Gladius was the last standing, holding against the rampaging horde, and died a heroic death giving honor to the Emperor, as Orks poured into the ruins through gaps created as Astartes died.

Finally, the perimeter was reduced to just the space inside the ruins with the remaining Space Marines assaulted on all sides. Though they had lasted into the 5th turn, with Devastators continuing to pour fire into the masses of Greenskins, their plight was now hopeless and they were killed to a man. The savage Orks had succeeded in wiping out the beleaguered Dark Angels.

So, this scenario was a lot of fun and not quite as one-sided as it looked from the beginning. Not getting to shoot in the first turn really hurt and I failed a LOT of armor saves. Still, it went fairly well and was a lot of fun. Deffkoptas SUCK. As in, they're really good. Having units deployed in open topped vehicles is a challenge as well. You have to target the vehicle and not the mounted unit, but the mounted unit can fire out of the vehicle in addition to the vehicle firing its weapons. And the vehicles have a lot of wounds, making them hard to destroy. Also, if playing this scenario, I would recommend using defensible terrain as close to the size of the defensive deployment area as possible so the entire army can benefit from the cover afforded from shooting. 

Saturday, June 3, 2017

We are the Death Guard

With the 8th edition of 40K just over the horizon, I got the idea of using my Dark Vengeance chaos stuff to fill out the Death Guard from the new boxed set. I had never done anything with the DV stuff and only built the Dark Angels models. I really like the look of the new Nurgle stuff that's coming out, so I decided to go for it.

I've never done any sculpting before, but after watching a few how-to videos, I figured Nurgley bits were the perfect place to start as it seemed pretty easy and any mistakes weren't likely to be noticed. I'm starting with the cultists to get a bit of practice before moving on to the marines, and will likely do the Hellbrute last.

Here's the first four. I'm well satisified with them.

Monday, September 19, 2016


Played two games of Impetus yesterday using Joe's beautiful Macedonian Successor figures. He put together two lists - Eumenes and Antigonus Monophthalmus. As the two lists were pretty similar, both games were hard-fought slogging matches. In both games cavalry fought each other for flank control while pike blocks stabbed, pushed, and were pushed back repeatedly. Both games were a lot of fun and really played out like a lot of the ancient battles one reads about in the classics.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Napoleonic Black Powder

Today, three of the local crew here got together for our first Napoleonic "Show and Tell". This idea was conceived about 5 years ago by a few guys. Since then, some have come, some have gone. I, personally, have been involved for 3 years. The idea is to have a 'big' game every 3 months - each quarter - and everyone add something in between games. This is the first time we've had it on the table as we were all starting from scratch. We wound up throwing some dice as it was just too hard to resist gaming with that much lead on the table. We didn't spend any time figuring points or with deployment, we just started from where we had set stuff out. I took a few pics.

These first pics are looking down the French/Polish line. 9 battalions of foot, 4 guns and a lancer regiment.

The Russian/Austrian line. I believe there were 11 battalions of foot, 4 guns, and light cavalry.

Russians step off first

Russians charge, bringing support.

Poles advance

And are disordered by Russian fire

French move in to attack the flank of the Russian advance

Fighting breaks out on the far right with the Austrians

Russian view of the action

Poles charge an exposed Russian battalion

Bloody fight in the center

Poles sweep aside the Russians, form line, and continue to advance

Polish troops turn the Russian right flank

21st Uhlans charge in for the Coup de Grace

Polish line enfilades Russians

Center is bloody for both sides, but Russians withdraw

It was a fun first outing. We were on a 4 x 8 table. While it was large enough, it was only just. The Russian/Austrian side would've been hard pressed to add any more units. It was big, beautiful, and dramatic. I look forward to doing it again.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016